Yoga is the most ancient mental and physical discipline. It combines a deep and intense whole-body training with an attentive and guided breathing practice. The focus on the “asana”, rhythm and breathing leads to a meditative flux which frees the mind. The training is complete and preparatory to any other physical activity.

Each practice helps you to find your mental balance, while the body gains more and more strength, flexibility and control.


Hatha is the most traditional method. Asanas are maintained for some breaths, allowing the body to perceive and absorb the muscular and energetic advantages of the practice. The lesson alternates dynamism to static moments. Asanas are performed in the respect of the body and its limitations, which are progressively overcome.


Vinyasa Flow is a dynamic type of yoga. Sequences of asanas move along with the breathing. The transition from one asana to the other is fluid and quick and articulates in harmonic sequences, always paying attention to the breathing and precision of movements.


Coordinating breathing and movement, Prana Vinyasa Flow focuses on the solar and lunar qualities of sequences, on the reaching of a particular asana or on a family of asanas.

The sequences are always different, creative and accompanied by the suitable music, adjusting on each person’s experience.


Breathing and visualization. To deeply relax, restore and increase your energy, learn how to deal with stress and stimulate brain functions.


The 5 tibetan rites are a restoring ancient ritual practice made up of 5 exercises to be repeated 21 times: they activate the metabolism, wake up and tone each and every muscle. It is a simple but intense practice, making it suitable to be repeated on your own.

The practice will be followed by a brief meditation. It is an excellent way to start the day!

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