Meditation and happiness

Meditation and happiness

Science tells us the our brain changes with experience and the objects of our daily attention create “neural paths”.
This mechanism strongly influences our lives, inducing us to take outside of us the paths we run in our minds.
The doubts, the fears, the weighs of the heart lead us, creating mazes in which sometimes we get lost.
Meditation is a simple yet marvelous tool to stop wandering around the paths of our mazes, keep silent, focus on the moment, on the present and get rid of the “mind chatter”, the dialogues that take place  within and dominate our daily lives.
Meditating we take hold of our senses, we listen to our body.
In a comfortable position, sitting or lying down, we stop for a moment and try to take our mind on each and every part of our body, from toe to head. We take into account each tension and we remove it.
We let our breath flow through us, a light that open spaces.
The aim is to reach a point zero of our conscience, a cosy silence, a bright empty space,  where mental fluctuations don’t exist, we can think in a different way, imagine different paths, make wishes (in sanskrit they are called sankalpa).
Meditation is point zero, a “cleansing” from our worries.
There are different ways to meditate: breathing techniques, guided visualizations, focusing on a point or word, and more.
When we have reached calm,  we can make a wish, small or big it may be, but ours, and let it fly with our “om”, a creative sound leading us to original happiness, a light that is only ours, beyond what we have known, like a seventh sense, pointing us the way.

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